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Do I need to Prep my Aluminum Boat with Boat Clean Plus Before Applying Alumetron?


C.A. Counts asked:

If I use Alumabrite CBX on a aluminum boat do I still need to use boat clean plus before using Alumetron or can I skip the boat clean plus?




For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Boat Clean Plus is a free rinsing cleaner and degreaser that effectively removes pollutants, even those that you can’t see, and rinses off completely with out leaving a residue like many other cleaners do. We recommend its use before using Alumabrite CBX to insure even penetration which eleminates streaking and also before applying Alumetron to make sure that there are no remaining pollutants that could inhibit a durable bond.

It’s an extra step and adds a small cost and is not alwawy necessary but compared to fixing a streaky surface or having to remove the Alumetron and start again or patch it, because it didn’t bond in spots is well worth it. “Better Safe than Sorry” really applies in this case. The only time we get emails asking for help is when someone took a shortcut and needs to fix the mess.

Thanks for your question,

Richard Kittar
Captain Aurora

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