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Do I have to re-apply VS721 after cleaning off the slime.


Chuck Porter asked:

Can I power wash the bottom of my fiberglass boat after using VS721? I just pulled it to give it a once over before I put it back in the water. I want to get rid of the slim and algae. Do I need to reapply VS721? Thanks


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Yes you can. Just be sure that the pressure is not too strong. If the slime is still wet and the algae not too thick, it will probably be easier and faster just to wipe if off with a Marine Power Mitt or sponge.

Re-application of VS721 depends on how long you have had it on for and how quickly the slime is building up or how difficult it is to remove. If it comes off easily, you don’t need to. If it no longer comes off easily then you should re-apply

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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