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Do I have to clean with Boat Scrub before VS721


Bob Taylor asked:

I have used Algae Strip a couple of times to clean the bottom before lay up. Do I still have to use Boat Scrub to prep the bottom before applying VS721?



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Boat Scrub will remove any residue, stain, and oxidation that can impair the cross linking of the VS721 Bottom Coat to the hull. This is important to get the maximum performance from the product. Even though the hull looks clean there may be pollutants or traces of oxidized material on the surface or in the pores. If you don’t clean the bottom with Boat Scrub, just before you apply the VS721 Bottom Coat, it will not last as long or perform as well. Boat Scrub is recommended because it contains Hypexine to deep clean and it will remove all traces of oxidization. It is also free rinsing and will not leave a residue.


Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora

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