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Difference Between Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub


What is the main difference between Boat Clean and Boat Scrub? I use Boat Scrub for my deck cleaning and it works fine (and smells good too), but some of your articles seem to indicate that Boat Clean should be the first one to use. However, Boat Clean looks like a local stain remover with the small bottle and spray cap.

Also what coverage can I expect with Sure Step? After the foredeck about 15 sq. ft max) sucked up almost two containers on my C&C 29 Mk II, it looked like I was in for a high cost committment to do all of the non-skid.

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Cleaners are not universal. You often need special cleaners for different purposes. Aurora Boat Clean Plus is a water activated emulsifier type cleaner with good penetrating power and surface active ingredients. It will penetrate into the pores of the gelcoat and lift organic dirt, ground in oil, soot, industrial fall out, residue from bird droppings, old wax or mold release wax on a new boat, etc. It’s biodegradable and free rinsing, which means that it won’t leave a film behind like detergents and soaps that can impair the adhesion of the Sure Step.

Boat Scrub is a deoxidizer type cleaner. It will remove traces of oxidized fiberglass or oxidized wax. It also contains a leaching agent called “Hypexine” which leaches out tough stains like rust, blood, red wine, bird dropping stains, etc. It also contains optical brightiners to restore color and make your decks gleam. Boat Scrub is biodegradable and free rinsing. There are no waxes or silicones left behind, only a clean surface.

Using both cleaners, especially the first time will give you Guaranteed results every time. If you skip a step, you may or may not have problems later on, such as streaking, yellowing, shortened life of the Sure Step, slippery decks, especially when wet.

Coverage should be about 200 sq ft. per container, one coat. Less if your decks are dried out as the gelcoat will absorb more of the product. The second coat usually goes on easier and the product will go further. The idea is to spread it on as thin as you can, either with a brush or sponge. The excess material from putting it on too thick will only sit up on the surface, which you will wipe away. Two thin coats are much better than one heavy coat.

If it is taking 2 jars to cover 15 sq. ft., you are putting it on way too thick. You are better off to put on smaller amounts and spread it out as much as possible and rub it in.

Captain Aurora

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