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Cleaning and Protecting a Painted Aluminum Boat


John Bryant Jr asked:

I’m looking to clean up the paint on a Lowe 28ft center console duck boat…It’s factory green paint on aluminum…Paints good no oxidation…What do you guys recommend?


Kwik Shine is ideal for cleaning and protecting a painted aluminum boat. It’s safe for use on paint as it does not contain wax. Many manufacturers recommend that you do not apply wax on certain paints as a reaction with the sun will cause the paint to lift a bubble. Kwik Shine is all synthetic and will not do that.

In addition, Kwik Shine is an excellent cleaner. It will clean bird feces, bug splatter, fish blood, light oxidation, salt, grease, oil, dirt, grime, etc., without harming the paint. It’s low surface energy technology so it gives you a diamond hard, mirror finish that repels the attachment of dirt. You can also use it on your engine cowling, lower leg, and propeller as well as on plastic surfaces on your boat.

Below the waterline, you can use VS721 as a foul release coating, as well as to reduce drag which will give your boat better performance, better fuel economy and to make hauling and launching easier.

For the seats and vinyl surfaces on your boat, I recommend EZ Vinyl Cleaner and Vinyl Guard. The EZ Vinyl Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that will remove tough dirt and grime without rotting the threads or leaving pink spots, like some household and industrial cleaners and the Vinyl Guard is the latest technology. 2 coats will last 4 to 6 months and will protect against UV, suntan lotion, food and beverage spills, fish blood and bait stains, etc., and make cleaning much easier. You’ll also love it because it’s not greasy or slippery like oil based protectants and won’t transfer onto your clothes.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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