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Cleaning hidden side of pontoons


Dick Ward asked:

Are you supposed to clean the side of the pontoons that are not visible without going under the boat? How do you recommend raising the boat off the trailer without a lift?


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Yes, you’re supposed to, but most don’t. From a functional point, you really should get all the fouling off the bottom, even if it’s underneath and inside where you can’t see it. It will slow your boat down, attract additional marine growth and possibly create long term problems. It’s also a good idea to apply a fouling release coating like VS721 below the waterline to reduce fouling and make clean up easier.

To get you boat off the bunks, you can use this technique:

How to Lift Your Pontoon Boat off the Trailer Bunks

When cleaning, brightening and polishing the pontoons, most boat owners stop at the visible parts. If you’re going to apply Alumetron clear coat, then you should make the effort to do the inside as well. It will protect your pontoons for 5 years so you’re better off to put a little extra effort into the job today so you won’t have to be bothered in the future.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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