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Cleaning Barnacles from Pontoon Boats


Bill Casey asked:

What can i use to soften barnacles and how do i jack up my pontoon boat on the trailer? boat is 24 ft. long.


Use Algex to soften the Barnacles so you can safely scrape them off your aluminum pontoon boat. You will need a second application to soften the barnacle rings (adhesive) so you can scrape them off as well. Consider applying VS721 after to reduce the attachment of Barnacles in the future and make clean up much easier.

Instruction, with diagrams, for lifting your boat off the bunks on your trailer are posted in www.auroramarineclub/Ask the Skipper/Boat Maintenance/Bottom Cleaning & Protecting/Getting Under the Trailer Bunks to Clean The Boat Bottom

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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