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Cleaning and shining Non-Skid decks and swim platforms


Tim asked:

I have a red Crownline, and on the top deck were the non skid surface is, it is always white and dull looking. What do I need to clean and make it shine again?

Cleaning & shining Non-Skid decks and swim platforms


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First you need to clean the dirt, bacteria, pollutants and oxidation from the surface and clean out the pores. To do this, wash the deck with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water, using a Marine Power Mitt or sponge with some aggressive rubbing, and rinse clean. This will get rid of all the surface pollution.

Next deoxidize and deep clean the surface with Boat Scrub. Use a Marine Power Mitt or cloth. Apply the Boat Scrub to the Mitt and scrub the smooth surfaces until all the oxidation is removed and the surface is shiny. You will need a scrub brush to clean the non-skid areas. Rinse and let dry. Boat Scrub will remove the dead and damaged gelcoat without damaging the integral gelcoat. Be sure that the finish is shiny and there are no streaks, otherwise go over it again until it is smooth and shiny.

Sure Step will seal the pores in the gelcoat and give you a nice shiny, UV protective, low maintenance polish. It’s pressure sensitive, meaning that it’s slippery to light weights like dirt and pollutants, making it easy to keep clean, but when pressure is applied to the surface such as when you step on the deck with deck shoes or even bare feet, the weight creates pressure which gives you grip. And, the traction increases when the decks are wet.

Apply the Sure Step with a 2” foam paint roller. Be sure to spread it out as much as you can and push it into the surface. Let it dry to a haze. Wipe off the haze with a terry towel and buff the irregular non-skid surfaces with a 6” loose cotton jewelers buffing wheel on the end of a 18V portable drill. After 24 hours apply a 2nd coat. Now you will have a nice shiny deck again that will resist UV, dirt and pollutants. On white surfaces that are more reflective it should last 3 to 6 months, depending on how strong the sun is in your area. Darker surfaces may require reapplication more frequently as dark colors absorb more UV and will degrade faster.

Maintenance will be greatly reduced. No more scrubbing. In most cases rinsing with a garden hose and drying with a chamois is all that is required. If you need more aggressive claming, just wash it with a 1:15 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water with the rest of the boat and dry with a chamois to eliminate water spots.

You will find your decks safer to walk on because even though they are nice and shiny there will be no slipping.

Thanks for your question.
Captain Aurora

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