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Cleaning and Protecting Anodized Aluminum RV


Robert Peters asked:

I have a vintage Avion travel trailer. It was built using anodized aluminum. It is not bad but could use some cleaning of the body. What products would you recommend for cleaning and preserving the aluminum?


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Thank you for the pictures. They’re very helpful. It looks pretty good for a vintage trailer.

The first step is to wash it thoroughly with Boat Clean Plus. When clean you need to examine the finish. If you’re happy with it then you can protect it with Alumetron, clear coat. That will give you a glossy, durable finish that can last up to 10 year.

If the anodized finish is worn, blotchy or streaky, (I can’t tell from the pictures) you can spray the entire trailer with Alumabrite CBX to brighten it and make the finish more even and then protect it with Alumetron. A word of caution; Alumabrite CBX will etch glass so it’s important to mask off all the glass windows with plastic before using it.

You’ll need to measure and calculate the square footage in order to determine the amount of product you will require.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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