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Cleaning after Poly Guard


Paulo Ferro asked:

I have just installed poly-guard on my rib. looks great. from now on, and intending to get the most of the two coats i applied, how should i clean the tubes? i know that speed clean will remove poly-guard. should i just rinse them, or is there a soap i can use that will not affect poly-guard? Thanks.


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In most cases, rinsing with fresh water and drying with a chamois or soft cloth is all that is required, however, if your boat is moored where there is a lot of airborne pollution that leaves a greasy or sticky residue on the surface then I recommend cleaning with a diluted solution of Boat Clean Plus. The easiest way is to wet the tube with water, spray a bit of Boat Clean Plus on the surface and wash it with a sponge or soft cloth and then rinse and dry.

Boat Clean Plus is a concentrated, water based, water activated, cleaner/degreaser that is free rinsing and safe for all surfaces. It’s also biodegradable so it won’t hurt the fish if you rinse it into the water. Spraying it onto a wet surface activates it and dilutes it at the same time, saving you the time and effort of diluting it first. Don’t over spray. Use just enough to cut the grime. Also, it won’t hurt your hands or clothing or any part of your boat. It uses an advanced technology that separates the dirt from the surface, rather than trying to change the molecular structure of the dirt, so it can be easily flushed away by rinsing.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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