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Cleaning a Stamoid Bimini


Harold has submitted the following:

Hi Skipper,

I am replacing my bimini top with a new bimini, which will be made of stamoid. I believe Stamoid is a bonded PVC sheet. What is the best way to clean, protect and maintain a stamoid product? BTW, I am a huge fan of your cleaning products!


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The manufacture claims that Stamoid is very stable and resists things like color fade, UV degradation etc. They recommend that you do not put any protectant on it but only make sure that it is kept clean. Allowing the fabric to become dirty and soiled will shorten the life and beauty of your new Bimini as it will with any material.

I recommend that you use Boat Clean Plus to keep it clean. It is completely safe for the fabric as well as the stitching, yet it will remove some of the most stubborn dirt, grime and even salt, quickly and easily. Boat Clean Plus is a concentrate and is also water activated.

The easiest way to clean your tope is first examine your top for unusual soiling, such as bird feces, dead bugs, grease or oil spots etc. Pre-spot these areas by spraying Boat Clean Plus directly onto these spots and letting it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. This will loosen up the grime. Don’t worry about using the cleaner full strength, it won’t hurt the fabric. If there are no spots, skip this part. Next wet the top with fresh water and spray Boat Clean Plus lightly over the entire surface. Agitate the cleaner with a soft sponge or soft bristled paint brush. Rinse clean with fresh water and let dry. You’re done.

To keep your top looking new and to extend its life, you should set up a regular cleaning schedule; once a week or twice a month, etc. depending on where you are located and the local conditions. For example if you are near an industrialized area there could be a lot of pollution which should be cleaned off or if the birds are fond of using your boat for target practice, more frequent cleaning may be required. In most cases it’s a good idea to clean your top whenever you wash your boat. BTW, Boat Clean Plus is excellent for washing your boat. Just pour a bit of it into a bucket of water and use it as a boat wash. It’s free rinsing so it won’t leave a residue.

I’m glad that you’re a fan of our products. We try very hard to make the best products out there and love to hear that our efforts are appreciated.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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