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Can Waterline Stain Remover Remove Paint?


John Storm asked:

Can you please tell me what precautions I need to be aware of using Waterline Stain Remover, as I would like to purchase some. On your web page under “How the Pro’s Do It” I copied and pasted the following statement and I am not clear on what it is saying. Can this product remove my paint?

“To protect adjacent bottom paint from damage, protect by covering with masking tape and disposable Poly drop cloth or plastic garbage bags.”



For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.


Waterline Stain Remover can cause streaks on antifouling paint that’s why you need to protect it with masking tape and plastic. In some cases the boat owner doesn’t care about the streaks because it’s below the waterline or they are going to repaint. If you want to protect the integrity and appearance of your bottom paint it is advisable to protect it. Waterline Stain Remover is not a paint remover. It is amazing at removing the stain around the waterline.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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