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Can Sure Step be used on a brand new boat or only on older boats?


Douglas R. Bacon asked:

Just purchased a new boat. Want to protect my non-skid areas. Can I apply sure step to those areas without damaging the gel-coat? Most of the directions etc… seem to point out that sure step is for older non-skid decks, faded, needing restoration. Don’t want to damage my new deck etc… Please let me know, thanks.


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Congratulation on your new boat. Yes, you can apply Sure Step to the non-skid areas of your deck and we recommend that you apply Sure Step to the entire deck, smooth as well as non-skid areas, It offers excellent UV protection and shine. It seals the pores in the gelcoat and gives the same reflex adaptive (pressures sensitive) properties to the smooth portions to prevent slipping should someone step on those areas.

The products and procedure are the same for the non-skid areas. On the smooth parts, it’s not necessary to use Boat Scrub, as it may scuff the high gloss on a new boat surface, but give those areas a good scrubbing with Boat Clean Plus and a Marine Power Mitt to remove the Mold Release, otherwise they may remain slippery. It’s important to use both cleaners on the non-skid.

The reason that we address this issue on older boats is that most people get caught up in the excitement of their new boat and since it looks so amazing when it’s new, don’t do anything to protect the finish until it starts to deteriorate and they have a restoration project on their hands. It’s smart that you are looking after the finish right from the beginning. Protecting the horizontal surfaces with Sure Step from when the boat is new can double the life of the gelcoat in those areas, plus it will keep the deck looking new and much easier to keep clean.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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