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Can Premium Boat Shine be used instead of VS721 Bottom Coat on the bottom of the boat?


David L Seaman asked:

I have a friend that wants to try some bottom coat on his bass boat. I have a large quantity of boat shine that I had purchased from you last season. Since they both have VS721 in them can he use the boat shine on the bottom of his boat?

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No. Premium Boat Shine and VS721 are two different formulations and have different properties. Premium Boat Shine is for use above the waterline only to provide a UV protective shine, whereas VS721 can be used below the waterline as well as above. VS721 is a low surface energy coating. Both products are clear.

We’ve added some of the VS721 polymer to Premium Boat Shine in order to increase its durability, which it has done. The new formulation with VS721 added has increased the life from about 3 months to up to a full year, making it one of the most durable boat polishes on the market. Both products have excellent UV protection and that’s why many boat owners also use VS721 on their hulls, as below the waterline.

Some of the things that VS721 will do that Premium Boat Shine can’t:

  • Seal the pores in the gelcoat to prevent osmosis blisters.
  • Reduce the drag on the hull (by 16% at 20 mph) which improves the performance of the boat and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Functions as a foul release coating, making clean up much easier and if the slime is wiped off the bottom from time to time, no growth will attach. In addition Zebra Mussels can’t attach.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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