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Can Odor Free Winter Treatment be used as a holding tank antifreeze


Glen Stettler asked:

Does the Winter Odor Free also act as an anti freeze in the holding tank and not freeze up?


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Odor Free Winter Treatment is not intended to replace antifreeze in your sanitation system and holding tank, but to prevent offending odors from developing in your boat during storage.

After you winterize your sanitation system with antifreeze, pour a bottle of Odor Free Winter Treatment into your toilet bowl and flush it into your system. It will cling to and coat all the internal surfaces to inhibit the activation of odor causing bacteria until it can be flushed away the following season when the boat is put back into use again. It does contain an antifreeze agent to prevent it from freezing and damaging the plumbing or tank in your boat but it is a different formula than the antifreeze you use to winterize your system.

Odor Free Winter Treatment is biodegradable and water soluble. There is no special procedure to reactivate your sanitation system in the spring. The first time you flush your toilet, the water will wash the treatment into the holding tank and removed with your next pump out. Afterwards, use Odor Free time release granules to eliminate toilet and holding tank smells all season long.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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