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Can I wash my decks with dish detergent?


Bob Pone asked:

After applying Sure Step, can I use something like Joy dishwashing soap for regular boat cleanings?

Will detergent remove the Sure Step polish?

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Do not use dishwashing detergent on your boat. It leaves a residue that attracts dirt and holds it to the surface. It can also impair the performance of Sure Step. Some detergents can deteriorate Sure Step, others contain phosphates which are not environment friendly. Your best solution is either rinse with clean water or if you need some help, mix a solution of 1 part Boat Clean Plus to about 15 or 20 parts water and use that with a mop. It’s environment friendly and free rinsing so there is no residue. At that dilution, it will not strip the Sure Step.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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