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Can I use Waterline Stain Remover on the entire hull


Ernst Niebur asked:

Two questions about the Waterline Stain Remover:

1) Do you recommend to use it only for the waterline, or is it safe to clean the whole hull with it? I noticed that this is what Practical Sailor did in their test. I will wax the hull afterwards, probably with Collinite Fleetwax 885.

2) How much do I need to clean a 32′ sailboat, either only the waterline or the whole hull?


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You can clean the entire hull with Waterline Stain Remover. It is recommended, and safe, for use on fiberglass. As far as quantity goes, this depends on how old and set the stain is. For your sized boat, 2 to 3 bottles will probably do for the entire hull and 1 or 2 bottles for the waterline only.

If your boat is not painted with antifouling paint, consider VS721 Bottom Coat antifouling bottom wax. It will protect your bottom much better than a Carnauba based wax. Natural waxes are organic and attract marine growth, which feed on it. The VS721 Bottom Coat will also seal the pores in you gelcoat and protect against osmosis blisters and is proven to give you better performance. VS721 Bottom Coat will not yellow your boat like Carnauba waxes and it is not greasy.


Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora

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