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Can I use Sure Step on a painted Deck


Glenn Barker asked:

I am considering using a non-skid wax application on my sailboat decks. The non-skid areas of my decks have already been painted however. Can I use your sure-step product kit over a polyurethane paint finish?

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Yes, Sure Step works well on polyurethane painted decks. Be sure to prep your decks with the Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub, included in the kit.

Sure Step will eliminate the need to use a scrub brush on your decks on a regular basis. Many boat owners just rinse their decks clean with a garden hose. If your boat is in an area that has high air pollution, then you can use a solution of 1 part Boat Clean Plus to 15 or 20 parts water and use it as a boat wash. At his dilution, it will cut through the dirty or greasy film, without removing the Sure Step. It’s biodegradable so you can rinse into the lake without problems.

If you use Boat Clean Plus, full strength, to remove tree sap or baked on bird poop etc., or Boat Scrub to remove ground in dirt or scuff marks, you will need to re-touch these areas with Sure Step.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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