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Can I use Repelin over other UV coatings?


Howie asked:

I used your inflatable bottom spray on my Saturn inflatable. I then washed the entire boat with MDR inflatable and dinghy cleaner and then used their UV protective coating on the bottom of the boat as well. Will Repelin still help at this point?


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

We can not guarantee that Repelin will work with other manufacturer’s products as we do not test our products with theirs. All Aurora products are system matched and are guaranteed to work with each other. Most major inflatable boat manufacturers now recommend Aurora products. They are proven to provide superior protection without any damage to the material or construction of their boats.

We recommend that you thoroughly clean your inflatable with Speed Clean as it will remove all dirt, grime, contaminants and oxidized material that may inhibit the effective attachment of our protectors. It will not attack or degrade the fabric or adhesives. It is free rinsing so there is no residue left on the surface. Many cleaners, including those made especially for boats, will leave a residue which can inhibit attachment of protectors or coatings. Some will attack the adhesives, or make the fabric porous, causing air to leak.

Poly Guard is a unique coating that provides durable protection for inflatable surfaces, with out degrading the fabric or adhesives. There are no oils in this formula so the protected surface is not greasy or slippery and it will not stain your clothing when you sit on the tube. In addition to protecting against UV, it will also protect against suntan oil, diesel, insect repellants, scuffing, staining, chalking and reduce the ability of dirt to attach. These are benefits that most other protectants are unable to provide. Suntan oil, diesel and Deet in insect repellants are known to degrade the surface of PVC boats leaving them brown and sticky. This damage is irreversible. Some oil based protectants can creep between the layers and attack the adhesives; others are known to degrade the plasticizers, making the fabric porous and leaky.

Poly Guard is a required base for Repelin . It affords excellent adhesion of the clear Repelin, but still allows the Repelin to be removed from the fabric in the event that a patch or repair is ever required. Repelin is a unique anti-fouling. It works by being super slippery rather than toxic. Instead of killing marine life that comes into contact with it, it makes the surface too slippery for the critters to attach. Noting sloughs or leaches into the water, making it a Green Product. Because of this super slippery nature, it requires a good surface to bond to so it doesn’t slip off the boat.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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