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Can I Use Clear View to Restore the Headlight Covers on my BMW?


Megan asked:

Can I use Clear View to restore the headlight covers on my BMW?


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I just want to tell you about my result, it’s pretty amazing! I tried the Clear View Kit on the headlights as you suggested, I really didn’t expect it to restore the covers like that! Now the headlight covers are so clear they look new! I included a picture to show the difference it made.

BMW Headlight Cover Restored with Clear View Kit

A few years ago, I tried the 3M restoration kit, it’s the type that uses sandpaper on an electric drill to polish the surface. It worked but I also nicked the paint at two spots because the spinning sandpaper touched the paint a bit… I even had blue masking tape to protect it but I guess the sandpaper is too sharp, so I didn’t want to do that again 🙁

Thank you!

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