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Can I damage my RIB by aggressively trying to remove mold stains?


Clinton Momberg asked:

My RIB has been standing in storage for close on 4 years. The mildew stains are overwhelming. Could I use the Inflatable boat spray & Speed Clean with a Marine Power Mitt over and over to restore the PVC or would this cause damage to the PVC and adhesive?


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You probably have mold, not mildew, on the tube. Mildew only grows on plants. Our products made for inflatables are completely safe to use on all inflatable boats and RIB’s. Before you damage the PVC and adhesives with any of our products designed for inflatables, I’m sure that your arms would fall off. The problem is that if mold stains are left on too long, they penetrate into the fabric and become indelible. Cleaners will only remove the surface mold. Any chemical strong enough to remove the stains, or bleach them out, will also destroy your PVC.

If you decide to try, wash it first with Inflatable Boat Cleaner and then scrub it with Speed Clean. Do not apply Poly Guard just yet. Put it out into the sun for a few weeks to let the sun do the bleaching, This may lighten the stains for you. After a couple of weeks, you can repeat the process to see if there is any improvement. When you get your inflatable as clean as possible, and then apply Poly Guard to protect the tube from further damage.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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