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Can I apply VS721 over VC17 with Teflon


James Widen asked:

Can VS721 be installed over Interlux VC 17 with Teflon in it. I have a Pearson 27 sailboat and would like to know how much material I would need to cover the bottom if it can be installed over the VC-17.



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Sorry, VS721 must be applied to clean gelcoat or a hard painted surface such as a two part polyurethane or epoxy barrier coat. Coverage is about 400 sq. ft. You need two coats. One bottle will protect most 24 to 25 ft boats, depending on the condition of the surface. If it is an older boat with a porus surface, more VS721 will be needed to seal the pores.

VS721 also eliminates the need for a barrier coat as it seals the bottom against water migration, protecting against osmosis blisters. If you race your boat, you will love VS721 bottom coat. It’s proven to increase top speed, gives you better light air performance, allows your boat to point higher into the wind, tacks easier and faster, reduces weight and its Environment Safe. Many sailors have made the move, even though stripping off the old toxic paint is a bit of a pain. In future, it’s a lot easier to apply than paint. No sanding, priming, masking, etc.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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