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Can I Apply VS721 High Performance Bottom Coat Over VC


Larry Yake asked:
The hull of my 17 foot sailboat is painted with VC High Performance Epoxy, which has a teflon component. Great product, but no anti-fouling properties. Can I apply VS721 over this paint, and if so, what steps have to be taken to prep the surface.

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You can not apply VS721 Bottom Coat over VC. Your boat bottom has to be stripped back to bare gelcoat or paint and the VS721 Bottom Coat applied directly to the clean bottom. Preparation for VS721 Bottom Coat is quite easy. Give the gelcoat a good scrubbing with Boat Scrub, rinse, let dry and apply the VS721 Bottom Coat with a sponge. When it dries to a haze, wipe off the haze. After 24 hours apply a 2nd coat. After 48 hours, you can launch your boat. VS721 Bottom Coat also seals the bottom to protect against Osmosis Blistering, so there is no need for a barrier coat.

In addition to reducing the attachment of marine fouling, you should see an improvement in performance; higher top speed, better light air performance, better tacking, ability to point higher. It has been proven on the race course by helping win the World Championship, National Championship etc.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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