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Can Dri Stitch Seam Sealer Be Used on Leaky Clears or Isinglass?


Andrew R ​asked:

Hi, we have some clears which appear to be leaking through where they are stitched to the material (through the needle holes then running down a seam into the inside).

Can the Aurora Dri Stitch Seam Sealer be used safely on the clear side where the hole is?


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The needle punctures are not only in the clear but also the surrounding canvas so it’s necessary to seal the hole, not put a patch on the clear, which is normally on the underside. Dri Stitch can do that.

The issue is that Dri Stitch can bite into and etch the clears so you need to be carful how you use it. Apply it on the stitches on the canvas side, being careful not to get any on the clears. If you do, wipe it away immediately using a microfiber cloth wet with Fabri-Klean. After you do a small section, you will see it creep through the holes onto the clears. You need to wipe away the reside, as it comes through, with the microfiber, wet with Fabri-Klean, followed by wiping with a dry Microfiber cloth. Keep doing until the Dri Stitch is dry enough so that it no longer weeps through.. Then do the next section.

Depending on the size of the puncture holes, it may take several applications to completely seal all the holes, but it will seal them.

Dri Stich works best when you apply it on a hot sunny day so that the heat from the sun promotes the curing. Ideally, pick a time when it will be hot and sunny for a few days to get full cure and maximum waterproofing benefit.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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