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Can Alumetron be Applied to an Aluminum Aircraft?


Eric Roberts ​asked:

Good morning, I would like to know if you have had any customers apply this to an aluminum aircraft? Does the coating dry hard or would you imagine it would be removed by flying through rain at 120 MPH? Or, perhaps it can or cannot be removed with a pressure washer? How does this stand up to direct sunlight exposure over long periods of time? Will it yellow or crack? What about having fuel or oil spilled on it? Will that soften or change the properties of the product?


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We have sold Alumetron and VS721 to aircraft owners, but did not get any feedback from them.

Alumetron dries to a hard finish and bonds chemically to the aluminum, making it very durable. It will not yellow, crack or peel, even if scratched or there is localized damage. It will withstand water abrasion on boats at over 80 mph and as you know water is more than 800 times more dense than air. Some boaters pressure wash their boats without removing, but I’m sure if you tried hard enough you might be able to remove it this way. Water jets are used to cut metal. I believe that it would be excellent for protecting your aircraft.

The durability and scuff resistance can be enhanced with VS721, low surface energy coating. VS721 is proven to reduce the drag on the fuselage and wings which increases performance, reduces fuel consumption or extends range and also reduces vibration stress. It was used on a Cessna 185 (painted) and the cruising speed increased from 105 to 111 at the same RPM. VS721 over the Alumetron will also make the aircraft much easier to keep clean

Alumetron does have some limitations. It will soften if exposed to very high temperatures (over 140 deg F or 60 deg C) and fuel and oil will attack it so you may have some issues around the engine fuselage, fuel filler and exhaust.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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