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Build Up on Transducers


Dave Jones asked:

Do you have anything to spray/paint on transducers to keep mussels, etc. from attaching without interfering with the signal? I left my 26′ trailerable sailboat in salt water for the first time this past summer for a little over a month. The bottom paint kept the hull relatively clean but both transducers and my fiberglass centerboard (which was retracted) were covered with mussels and algae. I plan to fair and paint the centerboard this spring when I repaint the bottom but I know I can’t put antifouling paint on the transducer. What do you suggest?


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First, if you are in salt water you probably have barnacles, not mussels. You can safely coat the transducers and brackets etc. with VS721. It’s a super slippery, clear, polymeric coating that won’t interfere with the signal. If you can access the transducers from time to time and wipe off the slime, you won’t get any growth. If you leave the boat unattended and start to get growth, it will be much easier to clean up. If you have growth on your transducers at this time, you can use Algex to clean them without damage. Other bottom cleaners may cause damage.

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Richard Kittar

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