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Boat Scrub Residue?


Molly asked:

We’re in the process of polishing the hull of our 30 year old sailboat with boat scrub. I must say that the de-oxidized part looks amazing! However, on closer examination, the surface looks "smeary". Is this a residue that will be removed with the next step, or do we need to keep polishing until this too goes away?


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Hi Molly,

The smeary or streaky appearance that you see is because you did not remove all of the dead or oxidized gelcoat. You need to keep polishing with boat scrub until it’s evenly shiny. You can then enhance the appearance further by buffing it with EZ Buff and EZ Buff Extender and a rotary buffer. At this stage, the hull should look brand new again. Now you can lock in the shine with Premium Boat Shine.

This is an indication of the results you can get: https://www.auroramarine.com/aurora/gallery/gallery-james-searay.php

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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