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Barnacle Removal


John Pierce asked:

I know this is the age old question, but I am a new boat owner and put my boat in the water in late August (no fouling protections) and now I have relatively small barnacles on the hull. Truthfully, how effective is the Green Genie product and will it remove the barnacle plates as well? I am half way through scrubbing with a plastic scraper and need an easier way to remove EVERYTHING prior to adding VS721.


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Hi John,

Green Genie will soften the shells to make scraping easier. After, apply to the adhesive rings to soften them and then scrape them as well. When you get it all off, scrub the fiberglass with Boat Scrub and a Marine Power Mitt to get any remaining stains, scuffs, residue off. It will even get the bacteria out of the pores in the Gelcoat. Then apply the VS721.

Slime will attach to everything below the waterline and that’s food for barnacles. I recommend that when you see slime starting to form, give the bottom a wipe with a sponge or Marine Power Mitt. On my boat, I take it out to a sand bar or close to shore, put on my bathing trunks and snorkel and give the bottom a wipe. For me it’s fun. If you keep the slime off you won’t get any algae or barnacles.

My preferred scraper for removing hard growth like barnacles is home made out of a piece of hardwood plank. 16 to 18 inches long by about 4 or 5 inches wide and ¾ inch thick works best. Run it through a table saw at 45 deg. and sand the corners so you don’t gouge the fiberglass with the sharp corners. This allows you to use your shoulder and back mussels instead of just your wrist and hand mussels and make the job easier and faster. When it gets dull, just cut ½ inch off at 45 degrees again and your good to go.

VS721 will also seal the pores in the gelcoat to prevent osmosis blisters or boat pox. It’s pretty cheap insurance.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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