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Aurora Marine Fall De-Commissioning Check List


The most extensive checklist for preparing your boat for winter storage. Members can view and print out this detailed chart in either PDF or Excel format. When viewed in Excel, it can be customized to your boats requirements by either adding or deleting items that are important to you.

Using a checklist takes the confusion out of getting your boat ready for its annual hibernation and makes sure that you don’t forget anything that could cause damage to your boat over the freezing winter months. The checklist is set up so you can schedule the required tasks, mark them off when completed and even schedule repairs or purchases you wish to do or make over the winter months. You can now be ready to go boating next spring, without the last minute hassles of getting something done when all the dealers are too busy to look after your problem or prices are at their maximum.

Click HERE to download in Excel Format.

Click HERE to download in Adobe PDF Format

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