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Applying Premium Boat Shine 2nd Year



Greg Stryker has submitted the following:

Hi, I used Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub to clean my hull last spring, then applied 2 coats of Boat shine per the directions and was very happy with the results. The boat shined all year and I had much less black streaks and was able to clean them easily with diluted Boat Clean.

So now as spring arrives I want to know if all I need to do is use Boat Clean, not Boat Scrub since the hull is in good shape and then 1 or 2 coats of Premium Boat Shine? Or do you recommend using the whole process again, using Boat Scrub taking the products all off.


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For best results, I recommend doing the whole process. The reason is that all things on the planet oxidize over time, including Premium Boat Shine. Stripping off the exhausted polish will allow the new polish to adhere to the boat rather than to the exhausted material and give you better performance and will last longer and protect your boat better.

Since your boat is in good shape you can mix a solution of Boat Clean Plus in water at a concentration of 1:4. dip your Marine Power Mitt in the solution and apply some Boat Scrub to the mitt. This will save you some time and effort as you will be getting the benefits of both cleaners at the same time. The reason for using two different cleaners is that they have different properties. When you get through and rinse them off the surface will be free of all pollutants and oxidation. The Premium Boat Shine will go on easier and faster and you will get guaranteed results.

Regular application of this regime will keep your boat looking shiny and new for 20 to 30 years.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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