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Should I Apply New Decals Before Or After Alumetron?


Lee Griffiths ​asked:

Hi, I plan on replacing the decals on my aluminium boat and wondering do I apply the Alumetron protection before or after I apply the new decals? The hull will be sanded back using an orbital sander in preparation for the Alumetron coating.


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Hi Lee,

Apply your decals over Alumetron. Alumetron bonds chemically to the bare aluminum so you need to apply it first. Make sure that it’s fully cured before applying your decals.

Why are you sanding your aluminum hull? The only reason for sanding is to remove mineral deposits or rectifying serious damage. If you’re removing surface oxidation and staining, I suggest that you consider buffing with Alumabuff instead. It will remove the surface discoloration and restore your aluminum to like new without sanding away a layer of your aluminum hull and you will spend much less time restoring your hull.

Also, if you use an orbital or rotary sander, you will get unsightly swirl marks. Instead use a linear buffer or sander and buff or sand with the grain. If sanding, I recommend wet sanding and use 600 or 800 grit wet sandpaper to mimic the grain. Test first to get the right grit. Buffing with Alumabuff will not cut or damage the natural grain in the aluminum.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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