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Antifouling for Outdrives


CHRIS asked:

OUTDRIVES-Not much out there for anti-fouling for the outdrive. How about giving the readers the best way to maintain this problem?


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The first step is to make sure that the outdrive is clean and free of marine bio-fouling. You can use Algex to remove the bio-fouling and Boat Clean Plus to clean and degrease.


Next, apply 2 coats of VS721, 24 hours apart. VS721 is free of toxic heavy metals, so Environment Friendly, won’t kill the fish and no galvanic corrosion issues.


Keep in mind that it’s a foul release coating, not poisonous. It works by making the surface very slippery so it’s more difficult for marine life to attach. This means that you need to keep an eye on the outdrive and periodically wipe the slime off the unit and prop as this is food for higher life forms like algae and barnacles.


Thanks for your question


Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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