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Welcome to “Ask the Skipper”

Richard Kittar (aka: Captain Aurora), the President and one of the founders of Aurora Marine Industries Inc., is the author of this site and the foremost expert on boat maintenance. He has dedicated over 38 years to inventing and developing unique and effective solutions to boat maintenance that has no equal today. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he will find it… or challenge his team of chemists to invent a solution!

Got a question? He’s probably already answered it, in his popular Ask the Skipper blog. Can’t find what you need to know? Join the Aurora Marine Club (membership is free) and send him a question. He will get back to you with the answer, as quickly as possible.

Richard, a self-described “Boat Nut” and problem solver, is passionate about boats and takes great pleasure in helping others. He uses his knowledge gained from designing, building, maintaining and restoring boats plus his vast experience in inventing unique solutions for better and easier boat maintenance to guide boat owners in getting the most value and pleasure from their boats. And yes, he also cares about the environment and human health and safety. All products have to be environment friendly, human friendly and boat friendly, otherwise they never go to market, which proves that you can still have the best products in the world without damaging our planet.

We can thank Richard for inventions such as: Specialty chemical bottom cleaners for fiberglass, aluminum and inflatable boats. Using adaptive reflex technology to produce the most advanced pressure sensitive sealer and polish for non-skid decks that restores the original shine and eliminates tedious maintenance without making the decks slippery. Non-carcinogenic, PFOA free, waterproofing spray for marine canvas. Low surface energy coatings for boat bottoms that replaces toxic anti-fouling paint while sealing the pores in the gelcoat to eliminate osmosis blisters, or boat pox, and increasing performance while reducing fuel consumption. His valuable concept of System Matched Products, and so much more.

If you have a new fiberglass, aluminum, pontoon, RIB, or inflatable boat and want to keep it looking pristine and new for as long as you own it or if you want to restore your older boat to its former glory and regain its value, well now you can. You’ll be able to find all the system matched, environment friendly, products that you need in the extensive Aurora Marine catalog. Plus you can get all the help and information you need to get professional results, the first time, by watching the How to Videos or researching the Ask the Skipper blog.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for and enjoy your visit to our Website. We invite you to bookmark this site for future reference, join our popular Aurora Marine Club so we can notify you of new developments and special offers. And, be sure to like and follow us on your favorite Social Media.