Tips From the Pros
How to Clean & Polish Aluminum Pontoons

Materials List:

Aurora Algex
Aurora Alumabrite
Aurora VS721 Bottom Coat
Eye Protection, Rubber Gloves and Protective Clothing
Brush, Sponge, Cloth
Garden Sprayer
Running Water (Garden Hose or Pressure Washer)

Aurora Algex is the world's first bottom cleaner that is safe to use on aluminum. It's ideal for removing algae, barnacles and zebra mussels. It saves the time and drudgery of scraping and scrubbing and it gives proven results, every time. Guaranteed!

Aurora Alumabrite cleans and brightens aluminum and stainless steel, removes oxide, soot, and water staines.

Aurora VS 721 Bottom Coat is a perfectly clear, non toxic, Foul Release Coating. It improves performance and reduces future fouling. It is easily applied with a damp sponge or cloth and buffed to a high shine.


Use scrub brush or high pressure water hose to remove loose marine growth.
Then use Aurora Algex - Shake well before using.

Avoid skin contact. Wear eye protection, rubber gloves and protective clothing just in case.

Spray Aurora Algex onto algae, muscles and barnacles.
Agitate with brush and allow to work 30 to 60 minutes.
Rinse clean. Repeat if necessary.

If aluminum is stained or oxidized clean with Aurora Alumabrite.
Mix 1 part Aurora Alumabrite to 12 parts water. Increase strength by up to 1 to 5 for heavy soil conditions. Effectiveness is enhanced if hot water is used.
Spray or brush on from bottom to top & down again so that surface is drenched.
Within 3 to 5 minutes (before mixture gells & streaks) rinse by drenching with clear water from bottom to top and back to bottom.

When the surface is clean, protect the pontoons with VS721 Bottom Coat to improve performance and reduce future fouling.
Wipe On and buff to a super slippery, clear, protective barrier coat.
Apply 2 coats, minimum 24 hr. drying time between coats.
Wait minimum 48 hours from the last coat before launching.
2 Coats should protect most boats all season.

How the Pros Do It

Be environmentally responsible. Clean the boat on land, away from the water.

Test painted surfaces, especially Foul Release Coating paints, in a small inconspicuous spot to make sure Algex does not remove it.

Cleaning the boat when the fouling is fresh is faster and easier than waiting for it to dry.

Apply VS721 Bottom Coat with a large damp sponge, application is faster and easier. For large surfaces, apply with a low speed orbital buffer.