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Product Description

Aurora Inflatable Bottom Spray is Aurora Marine Industries newest discovery. It's the Worlds first bottom cleaner that quickly and easily removes barnacles, zebra mussels and algae from the bottom of inflatable boats. It saves time and drudgery of scraping and scrubbing and it gives proven results every time. Guaranteed!

Aurora Inflatable Bottom Spray has been tested onHypalon, PVC, fiberglass, rubber and vinyl and found to be perfectly safe. It will not attack the fabric, adhesives or fittings, nor will it impair the ability to patch or repair the fabric.

It's very easy to use. With the boat out of the water, spray Aurora Inflatable Bottom Spray on the marine growth, agitate with a scrub or deck brush, let stand 10 minutes, then rinse clean. In severe cases, it may be necessary to repeat.

When the bottom is free of fouling, clean the entire boat with Aurora Speed Clean. Protect and shine the top side fabric with Aurora Poly Guard. Use Aurora Repelin anti-foulant to protect the boat bottom from attachment of marine growth. The hulls of RIB's can be protected with VS721 Bottom Coat to protect against future fouling.

 Features & Benefits

  • Only cleaner of its kind. No competition.
  • Fast & easy to use. No hard scrubbing or scraping.
  • Dissolves Barnacles, Zebra Mussels & Algae in minutes.
  • Easy to sell. 100% Customer SatisfactionGuaranteed or their money back.
  • Reduces drag and increases speed of boat by removing fouling.
  • Promotes the sale of Speed Clean and Poly Guard for increased profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Will not damage fabrics, adhesive or impair ability to repair.
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How the Pros Do It - Tips & Tricks

  1. Be environmentally responsible. Clean the boat on land, away from the water.
  2. Cleaning the boat when the fouling is fresh is faster and easier than waiting for it to dry.
  3. Wear eye protection, rubber gloves & protective clothing, just in case. Avoid skin contact.
  4. Spray on liberally, brush it around to insure complete penetration and give the chemicaltime(10 minutes) to work before rinsing.
  5. Finish the job. When fouling is removed, clean the entire boat with Aurora Speed Clean and protect the top side fabric with Aurora Poly Guard to make the boat look new again. Use Aurora Repelin anti-foulant to protect the boat bottom from attachment of marine growth. This will also bake it easier to maintain and keep clean.
  6. If the boat is a RIB (has a rigid fiberglass hull), protect the fiberglass with Aurora VS721 Bottom Coat fouling release polymer. It will protect against future fouling, seal the hull against Osmosis Blisters and improve the boats speed, handling and appearance.

What Others Say

"Hey Aurora. Used your Aurora Inflatable Boat Bottom Cleaner on a Hypalon Zodiac. Great Product. Maybe you have a glue that works as great as your product. Thanks for your help"

"I just had to write to let you know what a great product you have and tell you it's as good as you advertise it to be."

"This was the first year we left our dinghy in the water. What a mess. What a smell. I was thinking about throwing it in the garbage. My neighbor told me about your Aurora Inflatable Bottom Spray. It got it clean in no time and it was easy to use. My dinghy thanks you."

"Your Aurora Inflatable Boat Bottom Cleaner is amazing. Can I buy shares in your company?"

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