Can REPELIN Be Used on Sailboats?

The best ways to keep the bottom of you boat clean & free of attachment.

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Captain Aurora
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Joined: Fri Aug 13, 2004 10:24 am

John Mason asked:

I read that REPELIN Ant-fouling for Inflatables can be used "For Hypalon, PVC, Fiberglass, Aluminum." Does that mean that it can be applied to the bottom of a fiberglass sailboat? If so, approximately how many square feet would two coats from a 220 ml. container of REPELIN cover? Also, would some other Aurora product have to be applied to the bottom of a fiberglass sailboat prior to applying REPELIN?

The sailboat in question is a 2001 MacGregor 26X, which has a length of approximately 25' 10" and a beam of 7'10".

Captain Aurora
Posts: 878
Joined: Fri Aug 13, 2004 10:24 am

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

In a simple answer, Yes! However, a better product for your sailboat is Aurora VS721 Bottom Wax with VS721. It is from the same family of products but it is designed to cross-link to the fiberglass more so than the Repelin.VS721 Bottom Wax is too aggressive for Inflatable fabrics. Repelin was designed especially for protecting Inflatables from marine growth, without damaging the fabrics and adhesives or effecting the patchability. It can also be used on fiberglass, aluminum and hard painted surfaces.

Aurora VS721 Bottom Wax will seal the porosity in the gelcoat to protect against osmosis, give your bottom a super slippery surface so that marine growth can not attach, increase speed and performance of you boat, help prevent dirt attachment and give you a beautiful shiny appearance.

Coverage for Repelin is about 200 sq. ft., and VS721 Bottom Wax is about 400 sq. ft.

It’s important to clean the fiberglass bottom with Aurora Premium Boat Shine before applying the VS721 Bottom Wax. This will remove all traces of dirt, oil, pollution and oxidation that could impair the attachment and cross linking of the VS721 Bottom Wax and give you guaranteed results. I also recommend two coats for maximum performance and life. This will last you all season and trailering will not effect the life or performance.

The preparation for Repelin is to clean with Speed Clean and protect the fabrics with Poly Guard before applying the Repelin.

VS721 Bottom Wax is very popular with MacGregor sailboat owners. Many report top speed gains of up to 2 knots, better light air performance, better acceleration, faster tacking and the ability to point higher into the wind. One MacGregor owner, who has been using the Bottom Wax for 5 years claims that in his club races, he ”Smokes Mirages and J’s and has a wall full of trophies to prove it”. You will also find that the boat will be easier to launch and haul from and to your trailer and because the VS721 Bottom Wax is diamond hard and inert, will not come off on the bunks or make a mess. It is also environment friendly.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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