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We can thank Richard for inventions such as: Specialty chemical bottom cleaners for fiberglass, aluminum and inflatable boats. Using adaptive reflex technology to produce the most advanced pressure sensitive sealer and polish for non-skid decks that restores the original shine and eliminates tedious maintenance without making the decks slippery. Non-carcinogenic, PFOA free, waterproofing spray for marine canvas. Low surface energy coatings for boat bottoms that replaces toxic anti-fouling paint while sealing the pores in the gelcoat to eliminate osmosis blisters, or boat pox, and increasing performance while reducing fuel consumption. His valuable concept of System Matched Products, and so much more.If you have a new fiberglass, aluminum, pontoon, RIB, or inflatable boat and want to keep it looking pristine and new for as long as you own it or if you want to restore your older boat to its former glory and regain its value, well now you can. You’ll be able to find all the system matched, environment friendly, products that you need in the extensive Aurora Marine catalog. Plus you can get all the help and information you need to get professional results, the first time, by watching the How to Videos or researching the Ask the Skipper blog.We hope that you find what you’re looking for and enjoy your visit to our Website. We invite you to bookmark this site for future reference, join our popular Aurora Marine Club so we can notify you of new developments and special offers. And, be sure to like and follow us on your favorite Social Media.
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Quick Silver Testimonial

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I am Interested in Boat Care Products For...

My Aluminum / Pontoon Boat:

  • I want to protect my new boat from environmental damage before I launch, to reduce maintenance and keep my boat looking new much longer.
  • I want to maintain my current boat to keep it looking good, extending its life and enhance my boating pleasure.
  • I want to protect my new boat to its former glory and increase its value.
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My Fiberglass Boat:

  • I have a new boat and I want to protect the hull, deck and bottom before I launch in order to minimize maintenance and keep it new.
  • My boat just needs a little TLC. I want to be the envy of all my friends. What do you recommend?
  • My older boat is a bit dull and chalky and the decks are a mess. How can I restore it and make it beautiful again?
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My Inflatable Boat:

  • I just bought a new RIB and I want to protect the tube, hull and deck against UV, suntan lotion, dirt, grime, scuffs, stains, mold, etc.
  • My boat's only a couple of years old and already it's looking tired and is almost impossible to keep clean. I would like to make it new again and keep it that way without a lot of work.
  • I bought a used tender it's in good shape but looks really old. I need some products to restore and protect it. I plan to do the work myself.
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Other Products For My Boat:

  • Stem to stern, we’ve got you covered.
  • Stop the leaks in your Sunbrella top and canvas cover
  • Clean your vinyl seats without rotting the threads and leaving pink spots
  • Non-Greasy protection for your Vinyl Seats against UV, Suntan Lotion, Mold
  • Clean the rust from your stainless steel and protect it from rusting again
  • Clean, restore and protect your clear isinglass, Stataglass, vinyl windows
  • Clean your bilge and keep it from smelling up your boat
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Quick Silver

Quick Silver is by far the best cleaning product for stainless steel that I have ever come across. See some Read More...

Sea Ray after Green Genie

Before After I'm stunned and amazed on how great Green Genie works! I will be a customer for life at Read More...

Grizzly Ridge Honda

1. After one season in the lake 2. After removing the algae with Algex and buffing with Alumabuff 3. After Read More...

Watch Our How to Videos:

green genie video

Green Genie


The Fast and Easy way to Clean Algae Off Your Boat in Minutes.


Sure Step

Keep Your Non-Skid Decks Clean and Shiny. Never Scrub Them Again!

canvas shield video

Canvas Shield

How to Waterproof, Sunbrella®, Marine Canvas, boat tops, pontoon covers, boat covers, Bimini tops, and boat T tops.


Waterline Stain Remover

How to Remove Waterline Stains with a Paint Roller.

Pontoon Calculator

With the Aurora Automatic Pontoon Calculator you can quickly estimate the products you need to restore and maintain your pontoons.


clear view video

Clear View

How to Restore and Protect Your Clear Vinyl Boat Windows.

inflatable kit video

Inflatable Kit

How to Restore Your RIB in less than 60 minutes.

alumetron video


How to Apply Protective Clear Coat and Metal Protectant, ALUMETRON to Aluminum Pontoons.


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